Precision Red / Green Laser Sight (5mW)

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Achieve ultimate precision with our Red/Green Laser Sight – your go-to tool for pinpoint accuracy. Whether you're zeroing in at dawn or dusk, this laser sight offers unmatched performance. Choose the stealthy red laser for low-light conditions or the powerful green laser for all-day targeting.

Adjusting for windage and elevation is effortless, ensuring your aim is true whether in the field or on the range. The red laser’s subtlety is ideal for covert operations, while the green laser’s intensity pierces through daylight with ease.

Compact yet robust, this laser sight is perfect for any tactical situation. From its high-quality construction to its versatile power options, it's designed to perform when you need it most.

  • Output Power: 5mW
  • Wavelength: 650nm (Red), 532nm (Green)
  • Requires 1 x 16340 type battery (not included)
  • Outer Diameter: 22mm, Length: 12cm
  • Weight: 90g / 3.1oz
  • Range (Red): Night 200 meters / 650 ft.
  • Range (Green): Day 200 meters / 650 ft, Night 1200 meters / 3900 ft.
  • 20mm Mount (Included)

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Special Notes:

  • Please check your local laws, including licensing requirements or restrictions. While we ship worldwide, please be aware that local customs clearance is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • This item is not a toy and should not be used by those who are under 18.
  • Ensure not to aim at others and to use adequate eye protection as well as protective gloves.
  • Please read our disclaimer here which covers our liability and inherent risks waiver.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Rylee Powell
Super Bright Even in Full Sunlight

Amazing value for the price. The green laser is incredibly bright, much more so than the red laser I previously owned. It's so intense that you can see the beam across the room, illuminating dust particles in the air. Zeroing it with a green dot sight was a breeze at around 30 yards.

M. Dem
Decent for the price, but difficult to adjust

The laser is extremely bright and the mount is decent, although the unit is quite large and looks more like a flashlight. For the price, that’s not a big deal.

However, adjusting it is tricky. The adjustments make it difficult to zero, as it jumps around even though the mount is tight. If you can manage to get it zeroed, it would work well, but the process is a bit challenging. For super close range where precision isn't crucial, it would be fine. Considering the price, it is what it is.

Exceptional Laser for the Money

This product is impressive for the price. It looks clean and well-constructed right out of the box. The only downside is the finish—it's too glossy for my taste. A matte finish with etched lettering would be better. The knurling is a bit weak but still provides a decent grip.

Francisco G
Solid and Reliable laser sight. Bolts could be better.

This laser has a tough, solid feel with its aluminum construction. If you're seeking something affordable and reliable, get this laser and their flashlight separately and mount them together. It's a much better option than the compact ones. The only downside is that the bolts for the mounts are a bit soft and can strip easily if you're not careful.

Johnny Mayes
Easy to mount, bright, and nice construction.

This laser is solid all around. The mounting hardware is sturdy, and the switch functions perfectly. The only issue I encountered is that reattaching the locking caps can throw off the zero. I had to adjust high and to the left before locking the caps, which brought it back to zero. So, be prepared for some fine-tuning. Overall, the laser is very bright, and the batteries are easy to find when needed.

mark w
Bright and effective laser with minor installation Issue

Nice bright green beam and adjustable positioning. The beam expands to about 0.3 inches at 10 yards, which is great, and it's visible on sunlit surfaces up to about 50 yards. While the battery isn't rechargeable, standard lithium rechargeable batteries do work.

One issue is that I had to file down the middle Picatinny mount due to excess metal that prevented a flat installation of the provided laser mount. After filing off the excess metal, it worked fine.

Travis Westmoreland
Excellent High-Power Laser Pointer

I haven't mounted or sighted this in yet, so this review is just my initial impression as a high-power laser pointer. The laser is very bright and has a gradual increase in brightness when turned on, which helps me adjust and avoid blinding myself. It also comes with a safety sticker blocking the laser exit and includes a good variety of mounting tools.

However, there are a few drawbacks. The battery slot design is unusual, with the pointed side of the battery needing to face the end cap, which feels backward. Overall, it’s a great product with some minor quirks.

Decent, but Could Be Better

This targeting laser is nice, but it doesn't hold its zero very well. While my scope hits the same spots consistently, the laser dot tends to shift randomly on the mil sight.

R Boston
Nice Inexpensive Laser for casual shooting

This laser is very affordable, yet the value it offers is incredible. I bought it for my shotgun with a rail on top and have been impressed with its brightness. It's clearly visible during the day, even in bright sunlight, and at night, it casts a thin green line in the direction you're aiming, lighting up targets perfectly. I'm very impressed so far and will definitely buy it again.

Donald Rivet
Excellent Value with a Few Quirks

I bought this sight and think it's a great deal! It comes well-packaged with small items in bags to prevent loss, and the kit includes tools for mounting.

The finish seems rugged, and the laser is very bright at night, visible over long distances. In bright Florida sunlight, I could see the dot on a light-colored building about 100 feet away. Despite a few bumps, it holds its settings well. The end switch is easy to use and conveniently placed, with a remote switch option for added convenience.

The sight is a bit bulky, and the battery inserts with the negative end in, which is opposite of most flashlights. This could be confusing if you're not diligent about keeping a fresh battery.

Overall, for the price, this sight is a reliable and well-built laser sight.