Hammer Survival is a reseller of slingshots and related accessories. We are NOT the original manufacturer. Whilst our suppliers make every conceivable effort to make their products as safe as possible, no item is immune from malfunction. So to put it another way, always use FULL SAFETY GEAR especially safety goggles and gloves when using these products.

You should only buy these products (i.e. slingshots and crossbows) if you understand the inherent risks of the sport and that you totally and unequivocally waive all your rights against Hammer Survival and any of it's owners by purchasing any of these products.

By purchasing these products, you accept to waive any rights (personal injury, property damage, everything) you have towards Hammer Survival and any of its directors or employees personally, against any claim of any nature whatsoever. This is the largest waiver possible to be interpreted in the largest possible way against you. If any of this does not make sense to you, please do not purchase anything from us.

With that said, we want you to enjoy your purchase. Please be safe out there, and all will be well :)

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Folding Shovel (26 reviews)
Solar Power Bank (14 reviews)
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V-Series Slingshot (148 reviews)
Huntsman Slingshot (87 reviews)
GTX-3 Slingshot (34 reviews)

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5 LED Headlamp (17 reviews)
Tactical Green Laser (12 reviews)
X-Gear Multi-Tool (17 reviews)