Soul-Eater - Chain Driven Slingshot Crossbow (350 FPS)

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Got some demons to slay? Then you may well need the 'Soul Eater' slingshot. It's doubtful that we could have picked a more fitting name.

This hybrid slingshot / crossbow features a unique 'tank' style chain mechanism that can shoot both 8mm ball bearings as well as crossbow bolts. The main body is made from a nylon composite to keep the weight down. Collapses to 40cm / 16" for transportation (extends to 67cm / 26" during normal use).

Make no mistake, the 'Soul Eater' is a high powered hunting device, suitable for small game or home defense.

  • Magazine capacity: 26 x 8mm ball bearings
  • 350 fps (8mm, 2.04g steel bearings)
  • 260 fps (8mm crossbow bolts / arrows)
  • Weight (unloaded): 1.2kg / 2.7 lbs
  • Includes a tool kit and some spare accessories
  • Scope rail: 20mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
bryan Jennings
Nice looking bow for the money

Fantastic crossbow, I have shot out to approx 60 yards and I am impressed at the accuracy. I'm now on the lookout for a crank cocking device if anyone has any tips. The unit does take a while to get used to. It's lightweight compared to full size crossbows, so has more recoil than I would like. I'll look into purchasing a dampening device or extended stock in the future.

Morgan Orr
Very accurate once sighted in

I purchased an aftermarket Red Dot 30mm riflescope to help with long range shooting. Helps when shooting over 100 feet. Out of the box, the Soul Eater has roughly the same amount of power as a Barnett TS380 crossbow. 350fps is plenty powerful for most of the game around me.

Patrick M
First crossbow. Expensive, but worth it.

Conversion rate wasn't great (USD - AUD), but it's hard to pick up these kind of bows locally without a whole bunch of permits and paperwork.

Patrick S.
Shoots arrows and ball bearings

I prefer the ball bearings - easy to load up the next round with the reloading mechanism. It would be good if the bow supported larger sized rounds (rail is fixed at 8mm). Haven't purchased or tried the arrows yet.

J. Purcell
Amazing speed and power

Bought this to replace a Predator crossbow that was awkward and heavy on the front end. Unit is strong and appears to be well built.

Underwhelming Crossbow

This souleater was a letdown. It lacked power and accuracy, and shipping was slow. Not worth the price.

Rob Kenny
Awesome buy for the money

Was worried about it making it into the country but it ships domestic. No issues. Great buy.

S. Nevins
Good for hunting

Took a while to get here, but it was worth it. Super accurate for small game at 25 - 30 meters.

Soul eater crossbow - a solid choice

Wasn't expecting too much as it's smaller than a full size crossbow, but can definitely hold it own. Arrows are a bit lightweight, hopefully they come out with some heavier ones in the future.

mike nance
strong, nicely built

could do with a slightly larger opening for the cocking stirrup. Requires some maintenance -Keep your strings waxed and screws tight