RS-X9 'Dreadnought' Custom Slingshot

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The RS-X9 is surely the largest slingshot that we can possibly sell without setting up an actual metal fabrication facility in our warehouse.

This telescopic slingshot extends to over 130cm / 50" in length for extreme firing power that is worthy of the 'Dreadnought' name. Accepts pretty much any spherical round (6mm - 12mm ball bearings / clay balls).

The frame and rails are made from SAE 304-Grade Stainless Steel, with precision bearings to ensure minimal friction during setup. The heavy duty firing mechanism has been specifically designed to withstand the tension from the industrial strength rubber bands.

The rear handle includes a 20mm mounting rail so you can install a scope with laser sight or a tactical flashlight.

All RS-X9 Slingshots are sent via a fully-insured, tracked courier. The unit will arrive disassembled in two separate packages. A full tool kit is included for assembly as well as general maintenance. Stainless steel color may vary slightly (silver - gold).

  • Weight 4kg / 8.8lbs
  • Length: 70cm (Extends to 130cm / 50" during use)
  • Max ammo size: 0.59 cal / 15mm
  • Range: 100+ meters

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* Please note - Item requires some assembly (instructions provided).

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Special Notes:

  • Please check your local laws, including licensing requirements or restrictions. While we ship worldwide, please be aware that local customs clearance is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • This item is not a toy and should not be used by those who are under 18.
  • Ensure not to aim at others and to use adequate eye protection as well as protective gloves.
  • Please read our disclaimer here which covers our liability and inherent risks waiver.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Floyd H.
RS-X9 review

Great slingshot, but the bands need better durability. Mine needed replacing after just a few weeks of use.

Slingshot is great, but you need to find an easier way to order spare bands.

Went through 3 bands in a matter of two months. They are too specialist to find at my local store. Had to order from Hammer Survival then wait another 3 weeks.

C. Murphy
RS-X9 - Works great

Glad I bought it. The rods do need periodic lubrication which isn't mentioned anywhere on the website or instructions

Ryan Kincade
Excellent. Longer than expected

Easy to aim and hold steady with both the front and rear grips.

Slow shipping

Took around 3 weeks for delivery from the date that I ordered. The box that it had arrived in looked like it had been around the block, but the foam packing and internal box and held up well.

jamie d.
Mostly good

I took a star off because some of the edges on the trigger weren't finished correctly so I had to file them down.

E. Bredhold
Solid slingshot

Accurate and versatile once its all setup

Marginal upgrade over the X8

I own the rs-x8 and was expecting extreme performance, but power was roughly the same (tested with 8mm and 12mm steel bearings).

Awesome slingshot

Easy to use and a blast to shoot with.

Solid, powerfully and well made.

This is a very powerful, solid well made slingshot. I've put a rifle scope , magnets and a bipod on mine. Will camo. Its Very accurate when shooting targets at 50m, You'd want to make sure you've got a lot of bush land with no one around to play with this bad boy, or might freak people out. So not for the small back yard. It's scary big and heavy. Awsome, but hard to hide. Plus great customer service from Brad. Overall AWESOME!!! Product.