RS-X7 'Doomsday' Slingshot Crossbow

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Hunt down bigger game with arguably the BADDEST looking slingshot without venturing into full on crossbow territory. This unit features a built-in magazine allowing you to pre-load up to 40 rounds of 8mm ball bearings or a single crossbow bolt.

The position of the front handle can be adjusted, allowing you to reduce/increase the level of power as needed. The rear handle includes an 11mm mounting rail so you can install a scope with laser sight or a tactical flashlight.

This slingshot has been built to withstand the toughest conditions. How many slingshots have you seen recently with a steel cable attached to EIGHT sets of high tension rubber bands?

  • Weight: 4kg / 9lbs (Fully loaded)
  • Dimensions: 70cm x 20cm / 28" x 8"
  • 225 fps (8mm, 2.04g steel bearings)
  • Range: 100+ meters / 328+ ft

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  • Please check your local laws, including licensing requirements or restrictions. While we ship worldwide, please be aware that local customs clearance is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • This item is not a toy and should not be used by those who are under 18.
  • Ensure not to aim at others and to use adequate eye protection as well as protective gloves.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Graham Williamson
Relatively quick setup and easy to shoot!

took around 30 mins to put together, after that - no issues. super reliable slingshot.

Zack Renes
Great for hunting

Relatively quiet, and fast to reload. The included magazine holds around 30-40 large ball bearings.

Excellent Design

Excellent design, ruggedly built, great for target practice and pest control. Almost completely silent and suprisingly powerful. The scope is a little finicky to setup, but not hard to figure out.

Nathan paul

Awesome fun and super accurate!! And the service and communication was great. Highly recommended

Bill collins
Good addition to my arsenal

Bit on the large side. useful if you already have a few small slingshots that are underpowered

chris patrick
impressive hunting bow

picked this up with some of the red darts.

Bruce H.
Not a play toy. Serious piece of gear

Will embed balls bearings into tree trunks without any trouble.

serious upgrade potential

i bored out the barrel to accept regular 30" arrows. I have to trim the wing tips, but this bow shoots well over 80m!

Sam Collins
Ergonomics could be improved

You'll need to wear gloves to pull back the firing bar... It's a slim piece of steel and you'll end up with blisters on your thumbs after a few rounds.

Mario Mayerhofer
12 out of 10 - gear and service!

Embarked on another rather expensive but very well worth it with Brad and this shooter. Arrived way ahead of schedule, in top quality, and the usual hammer survival service and communication, as well as a mighty wild set of bolts arriving today. We only buy shooters from Brad, and there are reasons for it...integrity and service!
This shooter is beyond words, if you take the time to tune in the scope. Ours needed 0.8mm shims at the rear..was shooting a bit low at 25m...but easy was a few clicks at the dials. All in all...what a fine piece of equipment...only thing to bitch about...Brad needs to get some sort of tracks option...then we all got a bloody tank....yes...would buy another one right away...