6mm Stainless Steel Ball Bearings (1000)

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So, you like to shoot? This amount of ammo should keep you going for a while. We usually retail these at $9.95 for 100, so you're saving 40% with this bulk order.

Note: This is 1kg / 2.2lb of ammo! Free shipping still available :)

  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Material: AISI 52100 Chromium Steel
  • Quantity: 1000

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Top customer reviews:

Great training ammo
Will Reynolds | Alice Springs, NT, Australia
I prefer these over the 10mm ones. Easier to handle and they fly much further
July 31, 2018  |  Verified Purchase
Better value
Steve R. Channon | Rapid City, SD, USA
This bag should last me a few months. 
June 16, 2018
Great quality bearings
Mark A. | Yorkshire, UK
These are the perfect size for scaring away the stray cats in my garden without doing any major damage. 
May 20, 2018  |  Verified Purchase
Dusty packaging
Jamie Allen | Hobart, TAS, Australia
Looked like they had been sitting in a warehouse for some time. Balls were OK - I transferred to my own container. 
April 24, 2018  |  Verified Purchase
Solid purchase
Martin Hastings | North Taieri, New Zealand
As advertised - although I haven't sat there counting them out... looks about right. 
March 30, 2018
Seem to be quality bearings as far as I can tell
Rajesh Patel | Slough, UK
Round and shiny. Not much else to say! 
March 1, 2018  |  Verified Purchase
OK quality

Ivan H. | Las Vegas, NV, USA
Good value for the price 
February 6, 2018
Too small for hunting
Phil Waters | Perth, WA, Australia
If you're trying to actually hunt you'll need something more like 8 or 10mm ball bearing
January 13, 2018  |  Verified Purchase
Cost effective
Paul Greenshields | Houston, TX, USA
I used to buy 8mm ones in the past - these get the job done and work out a bit cheaper. 
December 23, 2017  |  Verified Purchase

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