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Here at HAMMER SURVIVAL our mission is to provide you with best selection of hand-picked survival gear from around the world.

We are based in Las Vegas, USA, and ship worldwide directly from our manufactures to get you the best price possible.  We specialize in Survival Gear and Tactical Accessories.

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Camp & Hike - Hammer SurvivalCamp & Hike 
Folding Shovel (26 reviews)
Solar Power Bank (14 reviews)
Plasma Lighter (6 reviews)

Slingshots - Hammer SurvivalSlingshots
V-Series Slingshot (148 reviews)
Huntsman Slingshot (87 reviews)
GTX-3 Slingshot (34 reviews)

Tactical GearTactical Gear 
5 LED Headlamp (17 reviews)
Tactical Green Laser (12 reviews)
X-Gear Multi-Tool (17 reviews)